20 septiembre, 2013

IBM ouvre en France son 1er centre Power Systems Linux européen

Paris, France - 18 sept. 2013: C'est à l’occasion du LinuxCon 2013, qu'IBM a décidé de dévoiler son projet d'investir 1 milliard de dollars dans les technologies Linux et open source pour ses serveurs Power Systems. Objectif : doper l'innovation Linux et Open Source sur Power Systems. IBM annonce la création d'un centre Power Systems Linux à Montpellier et un cloud de développement pour Linux on Power.

07 septiembre, 2013

i Apps modernization: the top five mistakes

The City of the Arts and Sciences has been designed by the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, in collaboration with Félix Candela, and was opened in April 1998, ten years after the launch of the IBM AS/400...
Over these years, your organization has spent considerable resources increasing the value of your business applications. Yet while these applications-along with the information and functionality they contain are invaluable to your business, they may be out-dated, expensive to manage or inefficient.
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