07 septiembre, 2013

i Apps modernization: the top five mistakes

The City of the Arts and Sciences has been designed by the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, in collaboration with Félix Candela, and was opened in April 1998, ten years after the launch of the IBM AS/400...
Over these years, your organization has spent considerable resources increasing the value of your business applications. Yet while these applications-along with the information and functionality they contain are invaluable to your business, they may be out-dated, expensive to manage or inefficient.
Traditional methods for modernizing these applications, such as rewriting or replacing existing applications, can be expensive and problematic because you risk losing the intellectual capital you have developed over the years that is buried deep in your systems. Don’t rewrite or replace existing applicationsmodernize them.

Global Power Action Blog: Introducing a new three-part series by Nick Hampson. Stop with the excuses, says Nick. Modernize your apps but avoid these pitfalls.

During the last 15 years, the technology and goals of modernization have changed a great deal but the fundamentals of successful implementations have not. I have seen many issues come up again and again in i-based modernization projects.
Times may change but common pitfalls persist. Over the next three months, I am going to guide you through five fundamental issues so you can avoid making the same kind of unnecessary mistakes that many have made before.

- Mistake One: Ocean-Boiling
- Mistake Two: 5250 Emulator on the Web

- Mistake Three: Green-screen-thinking

- Mistake Four: All or Nothing vs. 80/20
- Mistake Five: Don’t Forget to Add Business Value

Good look !!

Author: Nick Hampson has been modernizing IBM i applications for over 15 years, specializing in creating quality users experiences. Designing for desktop, web, tablet and smartphone, Nick works with customers to increase the reach, integration and business value of their existing IBM i applications.
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