08 octubre, 2013

Discover new stuff in the October's Announcements

Today, October 8th, IBM introduces the next generation of applications for big data and analytics and announces more Power Systems offerings built with open source technologies such as Linux and OpenStack to simplify management of new workloads through advanced virtualization and cloud solutions.

No matter what platform IBM is peddling —IBM i, AIX, and Linux on Power Systems and these as well as Windows and Linux on Xeon on its PureFlex machines, IBM is interested in mixing and matching operating systems and applications within virtualized and converged infrastructure in your data center with cloud support.

With the exponential growth of social networks and blogs, the amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming and time consuming. Consequently filter, select, review and combine content on the web for a specific audience is mandatory. I think for IBM i users, the best choice is in these tweets:

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